Science of American Football

NFL SCIENCE From big, bulldozing to small, speedy NFL running backs come in many shapes , sizes but to succeed at football all wedding backs must excel at kinematics. The branch of classical mechanics that defines how objects move because kinematics describes motion. It describes everything in NFL running back does basically which is his […]

10 Tips for fotball Esports betting

Welcome to betting expert in this article I’m gonna present our top 10 tips to help you become better a betting on football. Now all of the information here, is taken from the betting experience but let’s get straight into it with our tip number 1. That is to only bet when you see value […]

Arsenal Transfer news !

  Arsenal want Barcelona forward dumbbell to be their final summer signing with reports have a bit emerging on deadline day, claims from Spain have claimed that the Gunners have tabled two pounds 90 million bids for the France international. As they aim to challenge for the Premier League title Arsenal admired a bell and […]